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Energy consumption prices are manipulated to pay shareholder private pensions
Energy companies posess too much power over pricing. This must be guided under legislation to decrease the power energy companies have over their pricing structure and supply costs to customers. Energy bills have too great of an importance in the household budget income that control is required to guide energy supply companies to benefit the economy.
Pension investment companies tend to invest more toward energy network infrastructure companies rather than gas or electricity energy supply companies. Pension investment companies purchase shares in energy companies to pay monthly pension liabilities. Energy bills increase to pay these pensions. Energy supply infrastructure must be kept under authority control.
Shares trading companies tend to invest more toward gas or electricity energy supply companies for their investment profits. People not able to afford energy bill increases are prevented form using energy modestly in order to pay for the servicing of private pensions.
Energy companies must care for customers with a duty of care.
Answer Solution
Energy supply companies must benefit their customers they are serving in a similar way as local authorities do, as after being voted in. Companies using control of pricing power to benefit their profits is hierarchial autocracy and lawlessness at best and is akin to medieval times. Energy is a public service and should not be price controlled to benefit energy company shareholders. It would be wrong to float a local town or county council, or any public service. Energy supplies must be priced as in a cost plus system and in that way assures income for the company and ensures controlled profits.
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