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Not costing is criminal offence should be
Political manifestos to be endorsable in the law courts
Political parties are voted for based upon what they say they will do and their policies being implemented. When their policies are not executed as specified, this will be deemed a breach of contract and punishable with consequences. Changing the vote at the next opportunity is not sufficient and is not acceptable as this is after the event.
Manifestos will be endorsed under a court of law. Party political manifestos must contain allowances for criminal proceedings when being written
Boar King
Peasants were not allowed to hunt in the New Forest as it was the property of the king. A peasant father needed to find food for his family and was caught killing a wild boar and was subsequently punished by the king's men.
Forward Improvements
Hierarchial society has moved on and we now live in more stoical community groups. Social security was designed and implemented to avoid increasing dangers from the more needy whom had become very restless.
When a political statement is made, is must be adhered to because the power belongs to those that wish it to be, not those that abuse the requests of the people.
Better World
The system works for those that control it with negligible recompense because nothing happens when it does, accept it or learn and protest.