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Economic control and financial power to move away from profit driven focused organisations
Economic control to benefit the majority of people within the nation and not organisations that are profit driven. Economy controlled for the benefit of the people by removing the forces that give power to financial profits at the detriment of the economy. The answer is mortgage availability must be offered under law so banks are not allowed to refuse or restrict or control lending which push up house prices. And profits from fractional banking must be reinvested at a calculated level to not be negative to the economy.
Energy consumption prices are manipulated to pay shareholder private pensions
Energy supply companies to have less power over their pricing structure and costs of supplies to customers under legislation. Energy bills have too great an impact and importance in the household income budget and must be guided to benefit the economy. Previoulsy, the old feudal system of civilisation was guided to just benefit the top of the hierarchial system. Those on a lower income have less energy available to them so that those on a higher income are paid their private pensions.
It is time to review and update the energy supply system.
Synopsis and Answer
Companies and organisations with control and power must use it to benefit their customers they are serving in a similar way as local authorities do, as after being voted in. Companies using control of pricing power to benefit their profits is hierarchial autocracy and akin to feudal medieval times. Energy is a public service and should not be price controlled to benefit energy company shareholders. It would not be right to sell shares in a local town council or county council, or any public service. Energy bills to be controlled as a fraction of average income, calculated at cost plus.
This way, it ensures income for the energy companies and control over their profits.
Political manifestos court endorsed
Political policies must be answerable under law. When a policy has been declared and not adhered to, it will be an offence. When a policy is declined it will be an offence to then impliment it. Outside influences will be accomodated to null the differences. To explain to voters a particular policy and to then not implement it when it can be, will be deemed a criminal or civil offence by those voted into office and punishable in a court of law.